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What results after a nudging

I am still in vet school. I have 8 classes this semester, including electives in neurology and small ruminant production. I spend my spare time studying, worrying that I'm not studying enough, playing 360, trying to get some sleep, and drinking.

I recently (friday) turned 25. This was accompanied by many comments about quarter centuries, grey hairs, and increases in health insurance fees. This is not exciting at all.

I miss old friends but enjoy the new ones.

I met Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright last summer. My class friends are tired of me talking about it.

I yearn to travel to places far far away from Stillwater Oklahoma. Next month, Columbus Ohio for a symposium. Next year, the world! (just kidding - I'll be slaving away doing clinic rotations.)

See you in 62 more weeks!

Top 15

These are the top 15 songs played on my mp3 player:

1. Sealings by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2. Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys
3. Doomsday (my favorite song from the Doctor Who soundtrack :)
4. Down Boy by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5. Micro Cuts by Muse
6. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
7. Man of Mystery by... Muse
8. Tambourine by Eve
9. Plug in Baby by Muse
10. Take It Or Leave It by Arctic Monkeys (cover of the Strokes)
11. Map of the Problematique by Muse
12. Yi Ge Ren Shui by Karen Mok
13. A Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria
14. The Way We Get By by Spoon
15. City of Delusion by (guess who) Muse

So this is why Muse is my favorite band: I can keep listening to the same damn songs for years and never get tired of them. I've been in a bit of a rut with music lately though. I haven't found anything new worth listening to so I end up with my good old standbys. And the stuff playing on XM lately gets on my nerves - argh Crank Dat.

Does anyone have suggestions?


I've posted on my knitting blog today about the awesome package I received from my pal in SP11.

Thanks knitting.faerie!!


What? Where have I been? Floating on air for the entire semester?

Huh?? Only three and a half more weeks until finals??

Commence freak out, now!

I'm not sure how to study for 18 hours worth of cumulative material but I AM pretty sure it will kill me. Nice knowin ya. :\


Agh, Anatomy!

Originally uploaded by trebecula
It's driving me crazy. :0

Tempura sushi!

Tempura sushi!
Originally uploaded by trebecula
This upcoming week I have three "major" exams and a minor exam (you might call this a quiz but I won't argue with my phys professor) so I will update on school matters a bit later. This weekend I decided to try my hand at tempura sushi. I made it with bananas and shrimpies. One of the banana rolls had cream cheese in it too.. mmm I'm full but now I want to make some more! I'm addicted to sushi making. I don't know how long I can keep it up, as I don't really have time to spend an hour making dinner. Anyway they were delicious. I might make some banana tempura just to keep for snacks.. the mix just has flour, water, egg, and baking soda in it so it's not bad at all. More pics posted on Flickr!

Extensor carpi radialis

Originally uploaded by trebecula
Big anatomy quiz on Monday.



Originally uploaded by trebecula
I took a little nap this morning, and when I woke up, there was a piece of yarn in the middle of the room - not a rare occurrence around here. I went to pick it up and ahh! it moved!! I ran and grabbed my glasses and sure enough, it was a baby snake. I don't really have a problem with baby snakes, I mean, its head was so small it couldn't bite me if it tried. But I am wondering what kind of creature is going to wander in unannounced next time. It'll probably be a rabid raccoon or something.

I think the cats were playing with it, as it had a wound on its side. It probably crawled under my bedroom door to get away from them.

Sushi Treats

Candy Sushi 2
Originally uploaded by trebecula
A few of my friends from Norman are driving up to hang out with me tomorrow. We used to have sushi every or almost every Friday before we'd go see a movie or something, so I decided to try out this sushi treat recipe that I've had saved away for quite some time. I used fruit roll-ups instead of soft dark chocolate. I couldn't find any normal roll-ups at the store, they only had these weird tongue tattoo ones and I didn't want to have two boxes of leftover roll-ups just to have all green. I also had trouble with the melted white chocolate (on top of the "rice") because it didn't stay melted very long but did manage to be burning-fingers hot for as long as I was making these. They are yummy though! There is another close-up but blurry photo posted on Flickr if you feel like straining your eyes.


Alltel Review

I posted my experience with Alltel on a ratings site and I just wanted to repost it here.

I was forced into Alltel when AT&T became Cingular (something like half the people in my city went to Cingular and I was one of the unfortunate ones put into Alltel). I had a really nice phone that I paid a lot of money for when I was with AT&T. When they switched me over to Alltel, I could no longer use it with their service because it was a GSM phone. First they told me I had to pick one of a couple of their cheap phones to trade mine in with. These were the kinds of phones you might get for free with a contract. I told them no way, my phone cost me $400 and none of their phones were worth anywhere near that much. Finally, I got a supervisor to tell me I could pick any of the phones they had to offer. My other choice was to pay a fee that I couldn't afford to break the 2-yr contract with Alltel that I was being forced into (thanks AT&T). I had to trade in my Motorola v600 in for a Nokia worth half as much. They had a bunch of computers to move contacts from your old phone to your new one, except that they weren't working, so I had to sit there and put them in manually.

About a month later, my new phone developed this horrible buzzing noise whenever I opened it. The buzzing could be heard from across the room and just wasn't something I could put up with. When I took it back to the same office/store they tried to tell me there was nothing wrong with it. I told them it just started doing that so it couldn't be a normal function. Finally after a bunch of arguing along the same line, they gave in and replaced it with a new phone. I was very happy to leave that place and hoped I never had to go back.

About a year after that, the lights on keypad on the phone stopped working, so in dim light I had a hard time text messaging or trying to make a call. I took it in to a different Alltel store that had opened up. They tried to tell me, again, that they weren't supposed to light up when you open the phone. I told them, once again, the lights were working for the past year so are you telling me that the lights were a malfunction and now it's fixed? One of the employees came over and said they had the same phone and theirs lit up when they opened it. They told me the phone was still in warranty so they could send it off to have it fixed. They gave me an ancient heavy phone to use while mine was gone. The kicker was that their computer to move contacts STILL wouldn't work properly (at a different location!) so they gave me a list of my contacts on a piece of paper to use for 6 weeks. Thanks guys. When I finally got my phone back, they had replaced the top part of the phone where it had a couple scratches, but the lights STILL WOULDN'T WORK! I'm still not sure why they didn't bother to address the problem. I didn't want to be without my phone for another six weeks so I just took it and haven't had keypad lights ever since.

I am giving Alltel one star because most of the time my service has worked. However it didn't in some areas where on the map it shows I should have service. It would be roaming and I wouldn't get my voicemail messages until hours later.

I will be going somewhere else when my contract is finally up in September.